Ahura Mazda

“Ahura Mazda” the god in this religion.

Zoroastrianism’s history and belief system are founded on Ahura Mazda as the central deity of the Parsi religion. 

A prophet named Zarathustra or Zoroaster founded the Parsi faith, also known as Zoroastrianism, in the sixth century BC. This monotheistic religion is said to have been brought by Zarathustra, who is the main character. The prophet in history was believed to have received the heaven revelations from Ahura Mazda — the supreme God of the Zoroastrian religion. He was also said to have taught about good and evil, and the importance of living morally upright lives.

Ahura Mazda, the warm-hearted and supreme God in Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda is the supreme type of all positive attributes. The supreme deity in the Zoroastrian religion is Ahura Mazda. Nevertheless, Ahura Mazda is considered the creator and the greatest spirit deity in Zoroastrianism. Parsis see Ahura Mazda as a manifestation of wisdom, justice, and truth, as well as the creator of all things good.

According to the Zoroastrian belief, Ahura Mazda is regarded as the first cause of the universe and the overall controller of the world. The world was said to have been created by Ahura Mazda using divine wisdom and was ruled by the same divine justice. The deity is considered to be all-wise, all-powerful and all-present, comprising all foresense, supreme power and universal.

Ahura Mazda becomes the only form of worship practiced among the Zoroastrians, which reveals the religion is monotheistic. Monotheism arose at the time when polytheism occupied the public space, meaning it was something completely new for the community. The singularity of mono-theist worship indicates that Parsi religion is of one will.

Light and good are commonly associated with Ahura Mazda who represents enlightenment over darkness and victory over falsehood. Ahura Mazda is represented in the imagery of light radiating out a figure that depicts divinity, love, and intelligence. Parsi followers are constantly reminded to practice ethics, morality, and upholding of truth to avoid such scenes.

Other than being the maker and keeper of the world, Ahura Mazda is thought of as a fountain from which Godly direction and insight spring forth. Accordingly, the teachings of the prophet of Zoroastrianism, that of Zarathustra; were inspired by Ahura Mazda, which serves as the moral and ethical guideline for followers to lead upright life.

Ahura Mazda is the central figure in Zoroastrian religion. The purity and spiritual power of fire are the main features of these rituals. Sacred fire is kept continuously in fire temples to make those sacred places where one can communicate with Ahura Mazda.

The role of Ahura Mazda in the Parsi religion is not limited to belief. In this way, the values and principles that are associated with this divine entity constitute the basis for the ethical and moral foundation of Zoroastrianism. Those who have faith try to live up to these values and bring good to the people in their communities.